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Meet the owners of AMA!

We are now a team of 4:
(left to right)
Alex Pesusich
Seb Lavoie
Mark Anderson &
Shawn Albrecht

Bringing with them decades of teaching experience, Alex and Shawn are able to instill knowledge and passion in each of their students.

Shawn and Alex are the head Jiu Jitsu and kickboxing coaches, respectively.


Shawn has led an extensive career within martial arts, fighting in MMA professionally for years and has gained his second degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He now focuses more on coaching and teaching and has helped many others achieve their goals in martial arts - even coaching in the UFC.


Alex's martial arts life came a bit later in his life, as he was a professional dancer for 25 years. Alex hit the pinnacle of what a dancer could achieve (dancing in music videos, choreographing movies and TV shows, etc) and decided to branch out. Upon finding a new love in martial arts, he gained a black belt in kickboxing under Shawn. With his experiences in pushing himself to the heights of a professional dancing career, he can instill those same lessons to his students, just in a different context.


Shawn and Alex don't do all of this themselves - they have surrounded themselves with some of the most amazing martial artists to teach at Ascension! Multiple leveled black belts, martial artists that have competed at the highest level, people to help diversify what Shawn and Alex already teach.

Their goal is to create a family friendly atmosphere; one that supports and encourages connection within the community, as well as within the  Ascension Martial Arts members. We are here to help YOU achieve YOUR goals.


Ascension Martial Arts was founded in the year 2018 when new owners Shawn Albrecht and Alex Pesusich formed a partnership and took over West Coast Martial Arts Port Coquitlam.

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