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Meet the owners of AMA!

We are now a team of 4:
Ryan Plessl
Maizal Syraudi
Mark Anderson
Shawn Albrecht

Meet the owners of Ascension Martial Arts:


Ryan Plessl has been training martial arts for more than half his life. He specializes in jiu jitsu and is the manager here at Ascension. You can see Ryan coaching during Ascenders BJJ, Teen/Adult Beginner BJJ, Ascenders Competition team, and Teen/Adult No-gi. If you are looking to get started in martial arts head to our schedule and book in your FREE ‘No Sweat Consult’ with Ryan.


Maizal Syraudi started training jiu jitsu late in life, but quickly rose to the rank of black belt. Maizal is in charge of the Tuesday and Thursday noon classes, as well as many of the night time Teen/Adult BJJ classes. Maizal is known for his positive spirits, innovative style, and infections smile.


Mark Anderson is a kickboxing black belt and was one of the first ever members at Ascension (then known as West Coast Martial Arts). While Mark doesn’t teach any of the classes, he helps make sure the gym is running properly and can always be found working out at ‘Sheepdog CrossFit’ right next door.


Shawn Albrecht has been fighting all his life, and has owned Ascension from the beginning. He is the head BJJ coach, and coaches most of the Teen/Adult BJJ classes, as well as the Advanced Teen/Adult BJJ classes. Shawn also competed in professional MMA and has many fights under his belt. After a successful MMA career Shawn took up coaching fighters himself and has helped many fighters make it in their own fight careers.


Ascension Martial Arts was founded in the year 2018 when new owners Shawn Albrecht and Alex Pesusich formed a partnership and took over West Coast Martial Arts Port Coquitlam.

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